Acceptance as the Catalyst for a Misery-Free Life




Wisdom is knowing what you have to accept.

Wallace Stegner

We go through different stages in life. Each stage teaches us valuable lessons that help us in our journey. Interestingly, when we reflect retrospectively, we realise that learning would have been faster if we had accepted our circumstances and experiences.

Often, we are asked to apply the concept of acceptance to our thoughts. You can go anywhere in the world and find at least one person who would say, “Accept your thoughts, and all will be well.” It is easier in theory and more complex in practice. However, before we try anything, we must know the ‘why’ behind it.

Key Takeaways

Acceptance allows us to acknowledge everything as it is.

When we have challenging experiences, we often push through them, hoping that they may disappear.

Acceptance can be tricky because the thought of accepting a struggle makes us deny it altogether. In addition, the accompanying feelings do not feel good, too.

It is like getting a newsletter you did not subscribe to in the first place. You never signed up for it, so you do not wish to go through them.

One must accept where they are to let your brain find solutions to move forward. Resisting your thoughts and refusing to accept the moment stops you from finding solutions to your problems, and we all know that if we do not see the problem, we cannot find a solution. Every experience has values that benefit us.

The only way of gaining this benefit is by accepting the experience.

Acceptance can lead to the end of suffering because it gives us the power to define ourselves and prevents us from letting the situations define us. Try accepting a little more than you do!

Experiment with the process and choose for yourself.

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