A Simple “Hack” To Trick Your Brain Into Accomplishing More



Context: Do you find yourself failing to accomplish tasks at the end of the day and being stuck in a loop of unproductive days?

I’m afraid I entirely disagree with the idea of toxic productivity wherein every hour of your day must be dedicated to doing something worthwhile (causing anxiety and distress). Instead, challenge yourself to accomplish at least one task each day, no matter how small by subjecting yourself to a mild level of discomfort.

Think about it. It is effortless for us to continue the process of delaying tasks, ambitions, and activities necessary for us on a particular day. It could be an assignment, a report, a proposal or anything that requires your attention and dedication while causing you some discomfort.

So, how can you break this pattern and accomplish more in the day?

Key Takeaway: Try this. Find an accountability partner, a close friend or a family member. Decide the three most important tasks and three relatively essential tasks for the day.

At the start of your workday (after you’ve freshened up and changed, text them in the past tense, stating how you completed the tasks, what it made you feel like, and what compelled you to accomplish them.


Our mind falls into a trap quickly. For example, you start watching an episode of a TV show, and the chances of watching another one are very high because the next episode begins automatically.

Your mind likes to do things effortlessly and tends to fall for traps easily. Similarly, thinking about the past is an effortless activity.

We have habituated our minds to think about the past. Texting your accomplished activities tricks your mind and pushes you to complete the task, and in the process, you subject yourself to a mild level of discomfort masked by the effortlessness your mind perceives.

Experiment with the process and choose for yourself.

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