You Know What? Thanos was Right!



In Avengers: Endgame, Thanos said –

“As long as there are those who remember what was, there will always be those unable to accept what can be. They will resist.”


While Thanos was morally wrong about erasing half of the universe, this statement is profound and insightful at a personal and social level.

You may want to improve yourself personally but may find yourself returning to older ways of thinking and behaving. While going back and forth is a part of the process, acceptance is the catalyst that determines your progress. You cannot progress into the future until you fully accept what is in the present. Unfortunately, some of you will never forget what you were, be unwilling to accept what you can be and continue resisting change.

You may be socially surrounded by friends or individuals constantly trying to remind you of your past self. While it can be challenging to determine the intentions of the person continually reminding you of the past, you may agree that it is difficult for the person to accept the change occurring in your life, which impacts your life, too.

If you genuinely wish to change your life positively, remind yourself that you can accept yourself wholeheartedly.

If you befriend the resistance, you will experience a profound transformation and change for real.

Learn from Thanos. He was right!

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