Why You Must Navigate Perfectionism



Perfectionism consumes vast amounts of time and energy and frequently results in exhaustion. It is time-consuming and can be a significant factor contributing to increased levels of anxiety.

Moreover, with a heavy to-do list, perfectionism may result in a loss of motivation or “drive” to accomplish new tasks due to the excessive piling of pending tasks.

For instance, let us use the analogy of investments. The majority of the investors emphasise the need for diversification of a portfolio. Similarly, your need for perfectionism must be diversified based on priority and type of tasks.

No one can decide what requires perfectionism other than yourself. If you wish to determine the necessary level of perfectionism for a task, ask yourself the value it holds for you.

Most importantly, it would be best to remember not to compare your need for perfectionism with others, for every person values different things in diverse ways.

A Golden Rule for improving yourself in this process involves the impact of quantity over quality. When you begin breaking your need for perfectionism, aim to accomplish a more significant number of tasks within a day or week, requiring moderate effort.

The practice of completing more tasks will navigate you towards the amount of effort needed and help you channel your need for perfectionism.

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