Stay Hungry To Learn More: It Triumphs Pre-decided Learning Methods



Context: When you look at individuals who have achieved something extraordinary in life, there are high chances that you may find a common theme underlying their interviews, experiences, and learning methods: Hunger for learning.

In the present times, it is possible to learn most of the skills you desire through several means. You have the following –

  • The internet helps you scope the tasks that you want to learn,
  • Several free and paid courses are available at your disposal, and
  • The most easily accessible platform on the internet: YouTube.

If you wish to learn something, you have access to it.

However, the significant problems surrounding us from learning what we desire are known teaching methods and the hunger surrounding our learning.

Key Takeaway: We are conditioned to learn various things and gain knowledge through specific methods like schools and universities. These methods of learning play an essential role in our life,


Restricting ourselves to learning only through these methods is like a horse wearing blinkers. It will only keep you fixated on a particular way and stop you from looking at or discovering the various methods surrounding you.

If you genuinely wish to learn a skill or gain knowledge, among other things, DO NOT WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO TEACH YOU.

Be hungry enough to contact people, discover sources, and devise mechanisms for learning.


Because the hunger for always learning triumphs over pre-decided learning methods.

Experiment with the process and choose for yourself.

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