How To Balance Honesty and Kindness for Better Relationships?




“I respect those who speak the truth no matter how hard it is.” Great! But does that mean you cannot be kind in the process?

Well, maybe I’m comprehending this statement out of context, but I’m sure we’ve experienced a “tension” between honesty and kindness.

I have spent my teenage years being either honest or kind. It worsened when I began covering honesty with a mask of kindness. It felt amazing at the moment. After all, I didn’t hurt the other individual (or I thought so!), but it did nothing good. Over time, I felt guilty and fake. The pain of being perceived as a kind individual only saddened me.

Over the years, I have tried balancing honesty and kindness. Is it easy? Not initially. Is it worth balancing? Definitely.

Key Takeaway

Usually, honesty and kindness are sacrificed in the face of conflict. It occurs irrespective of intentions. Your intentions and actions can be contrasting. If honesty is inflicting more pain, it is doing more harm. It is helpful if you realise that neither can exist without the other. Think about it.

Honesty with kindness is a consequence of being empathetic of the person’s condition and being honest with yourself, and the reality of the situation. A sense of inauthenticity can affect us if we prioritise honesty or kindness. However, if we pause prioritising and achieve a balance, understanding triumphs in the process and the outcome. Honesty complements kindness, and kindness complements honesty.

Don’t let yourself be carried away by the notion that “honesty is brutal.” It is brutal because we’ve conditioned ourselves to it and probably because others who tried balancing them in the past couldn’t execute them efficiently.

To conclude, if you’re honest, try being kind because it sets you free and enriches you.

Experiment with the process and choose for yourself.

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